Webinar (12.07|14:30) „Direct hotel bookings or bookings via OTAs?
01 July 2022

Join the digital battle between Quendoo and Hotelbox "Bookings from own channels or bookings from platforms" on 12.07 (Tuesday) at 14:30 on Zoom. Topics: • What is the winning formula and which of the two approaches is worth investing a resource in? • What are the advantages and disadvantages of both types of online sales? • How to effectively manage the overall online sales mix and what factors to consider when choosing a sales strategy? We will share examples, best practices and present various theses for more effective hotel online sales.

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9 things to do after launching your hotel website
02 June 2022

Your new modern hotel website is now live. What should you do from now on to attract visitors and quality traffic to the site. Quendoo presents 9 tips for optimizing a hotel website with a built-in booking engine module, created through the website builder of the platform.

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LIVE Webinar (10.05 | 14:00) : How to generate more direct hotel bookings?
29 April 2022

Join us for a LIVE webinar on May 10 (Tuesday) at 02:00 PM! Along with our partners from Hotelbox, we will share tips for hotels on how to optimize online sales, digital presence and hotel websites.

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Quendoo has launched a series of education events with hotels in the country
08 March 2022

The Quendoo team launched a series of educational events in the country with hotels and accommodation owners where they demonstrated their technology solutions to generate more direct online sales, new audiences, at 15-20% higher average daily cost, with zero or minimum advertising budget. Introducing Booking Engine, Hotel Website, Channel Manager.

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How to create a well-functional hotel website on a minimal budget?
16 February 2022

Website builder for hotels - a technology solution for creating professional hotel websites. Create a functional, easy-to-navigate and responsive website for your hotel, motel, holiday property, guesthouse, cottage rental, campsite, caravan or other accommodation type. Increase traffic to your site and direct bookings, quickly, easily and efficiently. What are the most important functionalities and advantages of the Quendoo site builder.

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What is a Booking Engine and why every hotel and holiday rental property should have one
07 February 2022

Today, more than 70% of hotel reservations are made online, making hotels extremely dependent on online travel portals. Whilst these portals help reach vast audiences, the commission for such bookings frequently reaches 20%, thus the efficiency and business sense of these expensive revenue sources is highly questionable.

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