Quendoo B2B – a new era in direct connection between hotels and tour operators
27 March 2024

Interview by BG Tourism with Gorian Varbanov and Pavel Nonchev

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Quendoo B2B is now live. Take advantage of another powerful distribution channel.
22 March 2024

Direct link between hotels, tour operators and travel agencies - prices and availability in real time.

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How to increase the number of direct bookings with Google Hotels
27 February 2024

Watch the free webinar organized by Quendoo and Google Hotels where Robert Amadeo gives tips and other insights on how to achieve more direct bookings

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21Hoteliers interview Gorian Varbanov about the ongoing revolution for hotels in the online booking process
07 February 2023

In February last year, Quendoo entered the Bulgarian market in a big way. Developed to help hotel and vacation property owners and managers, it provides a comprehensive cloud-based solution to maximise online presence and increase sales revenue. The platform integrates key digital tools to optimise occupancy and generate higher revenues, namely a Booking Engine, Channel Manager and Website Generator, using the latest software tools on the market. Today we have invited one of the founders of the company, Gorian Varbanov, who will tell us about the results achieved by Quendoo a year later, the booking trends and all the novelties that lie ahead.

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Case Study: Quendoo’s Digital Guest Guide and Wave Resort
03 February 2023

How to go green whilst saving time and money - Quendoo's clever app that works for all size hotels.

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Case Study: Quendoo and Direct Bookings for a private villa in Balchik
26 January 2023

A great example of Quendoo's products delivering real results for a single rental property.

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Case Study: Quendoo servicing 400+ room hotels in Sunny Beach
04 January 2023

How DIT Hotels grew their Direct Bookings and saved cost with Quendoo.

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