Quendoo B2B is now live. Take advantage of another powerful distribution channel.
Quendoo B2B is now live. Take advantage of another powerful distribution channel.
22 March 2024

Join our latest product - Quendoo B2B 



 What is Quendoo B2B? 


Quendoo B2B is a marketplace where hoteliers can publish their net rates so tour operators and travel agencies can search offers and book reservations. The tool can be used via our dashboard or integrated directly with other systems via our API.


What Quendoo B2B gives you as a hotelier

  • More distribution channels – connect with and sell via tour operators and travel agencies in new markets. 
  • Dynamic management of prices and availability  - as you do through your Booking Engine or OTA (Booking.com, Expedia)
  • Flexibility and control in your hands  - you set prices, offers, stock and payment/cancellation policies when and how it suits you.
  • Automatic entry of reservations into the hotel software  - reservations are processed and confirmed/changed/cancelled automatically. Quendoo is integrated with all hotel programs (PMS) in Bulgaria.
  • Saves time  - to accept and process reservations, you do not need to consume your time or the reception’s time dealing with multiple tour operators by phone or email.


What Quendoo B2B gives you as a tour operator or travel agency

  • Prices and availability in real time - you have access to prices and availability from hundreds of hotels in real time, including lats minuet in season deals.
  • Create a reservation online - you create a reservation and receive confirmation in real time. 
  • Modifications and cancellations online - after creating a reservation, you can modify and cancel a reservation according to the cancellation policies offered by the hotel.
  • Ability to synchronise prices and availability with your software - a powerful API interface enabling direct communication and automatic synchronisation between sites and other software products used by tour operators and travel agencies


How to register

For hoteliers who use other Quendoo products, it is only necessary to publish an already created tariff plan in the B2B section of your dashboard – contact us with any questions.

For hoteliers not using the Quendoo platform, please contact us for further information - click here

For tour operators and travel agencies, please register and follow the steps. 


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