Case Study: Quendoo’s Digital Guest Guide and Wave Resort
Case Study: Quendoo’s Digital Guest Guide and Wave Resort
03 February 2023

Wave Resort


As the Black Sea’s newest and most modern large hotel, Wave Resort is unique. With a conscious effort to support sustainable travel, Wave Resort took steps to minimise its footprint and have an all-digital approach to their in-house communications. From June 2022 they rolled out Quendoo’s Digital Guest Guide: an interactive information app accessed by the guest scanning a QR code with their phone. It generates specific information that replaces the printed paper welcome packs in each hotel room, entirely customisable it is geared to display everything from Wi-fi passwords to room service menus. Hotel staff can update prices and content instantly and without restriction.


Wave Resort now have QR codes in all of their rooms, restaurants, pools and SPA centre for all menus and guest information, which has replaced 10,000 sheets of printed paper each year, along with all the costs in manpower required to design, print and distribute them. Other hotels are reselling the service to companies booking conferences facilities at the hotel to provide them with the option for a unique app that attending guests scan and access key information for the day’s program of events.


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