Case Study: Quendoo servicing 400+ room hotels in Sunny Beach
Case Study: Quendoo servicing 400+ room hotels in Sunny Beach
04 January 2023

DIT Hotels


DIT Hotels manage two of the most iconic hotels on Bulgaria’s Black Sea, Majestic Beach Resort and Evrika Beach Club. With more than a thousand rooms between them, these giants are pioneers of Bulgaria’s hospitality industry and often the first to deploy new technology, as such we quickly realised this was going to be a perfect match. We understood the challenges Covid created in 2020, the massive impact it made to watch tour operator bookings dimmish to zero and the subsequent desire to switch strategy to take ownership of their own Direct Bookings channels. Other tourist markets might benefit from a longer season or higher rates per night, but on the Black Sea it is not the case; the market conditions allow for little slack and the bigger hotels must not only select the correct software, but ensure that it comes with the necessary support to have a successful short season. Quendoo was their answer. 


Quendoo was a new company at the time, we were halfway through building our Booking Engine and we changed direction because of what we learnt from DIT Hotels. This pivot enabled us to serve their requirements precisely, which they did not keep to themselves and gladly shared with the rest of Sunny Beach. 


Today, DIT Hotels and Quendoo benefit from a fantastically harmonious partnership whereby we regularly meet face to face to bash out new ideas, discuss potential features and possible integrations. If only we were not restricted by time we would have built all these features already.


Quendoo Products:

Booking Engine

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